• What does LandJet do?

    We serve in the line haul trucking business and have built a solid reputation as one of the elite cross-country refrigerated trucking companies. We proudly offer services in refrigerated transportation, dry transportation, intermodal transportation, temperature controlled warehousing, and product distribution. It is our mission to work with each customer on a personal level to ensure that all requests are met correctly and in a timely manner. Quality assurance is one of our top priorities.

  • How many years has LandJet been in business?

    We have been serving the line haul trucking industry for more than 20 years. We are always looking for new, innovative ways to improve and tailor our services for our customers. Please contact us with any compliments or suggestions you’d like to send our way. We appreciate your feedback!

  • How long does a cross-country trip take on average?

    With expedited teams, your product is able to keep moving around the clock, for virtually 24 hours a day. This is the safest, fastest way to transport your goods, as our drivers travel in teams and are able to take turns resting, without losing any travel time. Between the Northeast and the Southwest, an average cross-country transport takes 48 hours.

  • I have an overweight shipment. Can LandJet still help transport it?

    Our team is equipped and knowledgeable on handling overweight product shipments. We understand that products in mass shipments are oftentimes overloaded in order to maximize each shipment and must be handled with greater consideration and agility. In other words, it will be made our priority to handle any oversized and overweight shipments with the same quality and care as we would any regular, standard shipments.

  • What if my products are perishable?

    We offer refrigerated transportation for all perishable products. We are extensively experienced in moving high-end gourmet meats and cheeses, fresh produce, and bulk frozen goods for our customers. In our refrigerated shipping trucks, the temperatures are tailored to the needs of your specific product. This ensures optimal product quality and shelf life will be maintained throughout the transportation process and beyond.

  • Why dry transportation?

    Dry transportation is standard for moving non-perishable goods, such as a clothing and other retail items. It is also useful in moving other products that must maintain a humidity-free environment. The dry transportation process helps to protect the integrity and quality of your product from external damage and environmental elements that could be damaging to your product(s).

  • What is intermodal transportation and how could I benefit from it?

    Intermodal transportation is a method that uses several modes of transportation to move your product(s) from various ports towards its final destination. This is a highly reliable and efficient way to move your products cross-country. Your products will be moved using intermodal containers, freight containers, shipping containers, or ISO containers. These containers will be transported using truck, ship, rail, or any combination of these methods. If you’re interested in condensing the transportation process of your product(s), intermodal may be the right solution for your business.

  • Does LandJet offer warehouse storage options?

    Yes, we do offer several warehouse storage options at convenient locations in relation to our transportation routes. We offer short and long term refrigerated warehouse storage for perishable goods such as produce, frozen goods, other food products, and pharmaceutical supplies. Our forced-air cooling systems ensure the quality of your product(s) is maintained. We also offer dry warehouse storage options for goods that must be kept free of humidity and temperature fluctuation that may be damaging their quality.

  • Will LandJet help to distribute my product(s)?

    Yes, our team is equipped to professionally execute product distribution processes. We also offer services in custom order picking, local delivery, and product fulfillment. Along each step, you can rest assured and trust that our team is taking expert care of your product from its original location, to its final destination of delivery, or retail location. From start to end, the quality and safety of your product(s) will be our top priority.

  • What measures are taken to ensure quality assurance?

    To ensure quality assurance, our team is equipped with x-ray inspection technologies. These devices ensure product safety and quality for both your company and your customers alike. They are able to detect contamination to help ensure quality product and avoid any consumer complaints, dissatisfaction, or recalls. It is our goal to transport and deliver your product(s) with the utmost care, allowing them to be presented to your customers with the highest quality.